About us


IGV founded in Vedano al Lambro on September 1980; the founders were aware of the difficulty of the challenge: from one side its agents with a pluriennial experience in the graphical arts sector, in the other side the danger of a difficult and incostant market.

Professional skills, will and enthusiasm; unfortunately, cannot guarantee the desired development.

Therefore, to increase the turnover, to cultivate the image and to increase the number of clients of the company, the choose a simple way: to produce quality products.

During the year 1985, the company was transferred to Burago Molgora, where was realized the papermill unit to complete the productive cycle.

Now, the company owns 6.500 mq. in wich it has offices, storehouses and units of the production cycle; it has a big turnover and it is one of the most serious and appreciated company of the sector.